Mastermind session for Digital Nomads at Plázida

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Loom Princesa

Calle de la Princesa 5, 4ª planta · Madrid

How to find us

Go to Plaza de los Cubos the side of Cines Renoir Princesa. Go to the end of the corridor and you will find the entrance under the sign Loom. We are in the 4th. floor. If you have any problems, please give me a call to 628329044 (Irene).

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• What we will be doing

Dealing with collective problems has been one of our most challenging issues as human beings. For years we have trusted key processes such as rule setting, decision making and enforcement to our leaders, bearing the risks of corruption and misjudgment.

Come join us to debate how we as citizens can reduce these risks through technologies, such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, that will enhance our ability to understand better our world and therefore make better decisions.

We will talk about:
- Self-governed societies: are they an utopia?
- Blockchain as a tool to support enforcement and decentralization
- AI as a tool to support data-driven decision making
- The art and science of governance
- The rebalance of the capital/labor relationship as a consequence of automation
- Co-ownership of automated processes as a new mean of income for the less favored citizens

The session will be lead by Carlos Marchena who used to be a corporate lawyer, now blockchain developer, digital economy consultant and educational trainer (business, marketing, coding).

The session will start with a presentation of Plázida for newcomers, we'll do a little review of the issues we've been dealing with and our progress. Carlos will present and we will then talk about how we're going to apply what we've learned in our business, and set a goal for the next gathering. In the next meeting we will hold each other accountable for our progress.

At the end, someone from the group will volunteer to lead the next session.

We will offer you a vegan snack and show you around our wonderful space.

• What you have to bring with you

A high level of motivation and a will to ask for help and support and also give your best to the group.

• Important information

Never forget the spirit of a Mastermind group set up by his founder: "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

Get out with a little time in case you get lost, and please be on time!