What we're about

Join me, marketing and branding expert J.Nichole Smith (you can call me Nic) and my rag-tag band of #enchantedrebels :: like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the impossible who are finding freedom and fulfilment by building brands instead of just businesses.

We may be a bit woo, but we're a LOT fierce too - and although we don't believe hustle is the way to happiness, we are definitely each putting in our 10,000 hours towards mastering our destiny.

We believe that in this digital world we live in, we can't have enough opportunities to meet up in person, grab a drink, chat about our businesses, air our woes, laugh about our mistakes, brag about our wins, connect with people who TRULY get it - all while getting our ass out of the damn house #brasoptional

At our monthly events:

• Meet like-minded entrepreneurs

• Hash out ideas about the direction of your business or brand

• Swap tips on how to max your productivity

• Share marketing tips & tool recommendations

• Support and inspire each other

• Commiserate about how awesome it is to work in your pjs

• Swap Netflix recommendations (seriously, Schitts Creek anyone!?)

• Bond over how much more you like pets than people

• Make friends

• Get tips and tricks from guest experts

These events are super casual and chilled, just come as you are and sip rosemary-infused cocktails with author and branding expert J.Nichole Smith (Nic) and her clever friends (who often pop by to share their wisdom).

Most of our events are free, we all just buy our own drinks/snacks. Come play!

Past events (4)

Magic Maker Live - Conference for enchanted rebel entrepreneurs

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms

Enchanted Rebel Entrepreneurs Unite!

1A Duke Street (Bar)

Enchanted Rebels Entrepreneurs Unite!

The George IV

Enchanted Rebels Entrepreneurs Unite!

The George IV

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