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Mini Talks at the Moot
Welcome to Mini Talks at the Moot! Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we’ll have a different speaker with a different fascinating topic. Expect the presentation to last 15-20 minutes after which the floor will be open for discussion. 2018 Schedule: February 14th - Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Pantheacon - general discussion March 14 - SF Bay Area Pagan Traditions, an Introduction - Valerie Voigt April 11 – Gardnerian Trad – Ivan Richmond May 9 - ADF Druidry - Ashtore Driver June 13 - Liminal Magic for a Good Death: Rites of Passage - Gregory Griffey July 11 - Cooking with the Craft - Sharyle Kuhlemeier Leidy August 8 - Essential Potions for Witchcraft - Taffy Dugan September 12 - Hula and Hawaiian Spirituality - Maika Clarke October 10 - Shamanistic Death Mask - Annie Cronin November 14 - Feng Shui: How to Facilitate the Movement of Energy - Elizabeth Johnson Lee December 12 - The Convergence of Heavy Metal and Paganism - Donald Schieck We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in San Jose at Denny's on 1st and Brokaw, back room. The reservation is under Taffy Dugan. $1 donation requested; no one turned away for lack of funds. Moot: "From Middle English moot, mot, ȝemot, from Old English mōt, gemōt (“moot, society .... (paganism) A social gathering of pagans, normally held in a public house." General Moot Rules: Inclusiveness: We are an open group who respects everyone no matter their age, race, gender preference, or sexual orientation. We don't tolerate bigotry of any kind. If someone shows difficulty with this, we will work with them to understand but, if they persist they will be asked to not come back. Politics: We ask that attendees stay on topic and discuss all things related to Paganism. This includes politics. Political discussions are appropriate if they have to do with being Pagan (saving the Earth or religious freedom, for example) but, are not welcome if they are off-topic. Discussion: All discussion should be conducted in a respectful manner. Please refrain from discussing politics or any other topic if you feel that you cannot discuss them in a respectful manner. Fire and passion are welcome as long as you can remain compassionate of and open to others' opinions.

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