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What we’re about

This is a place for those who want vulnerable, expansive, and open-minded place to chat with other magickal individuals. Here our goal is to lead with the heart, and to look beneath what is on the outside. This means that all are welcome in this group, regardless of what we look like. If you were born on this earth, you're welcome here! 🌱💖

Conversations will include a mind-body-spirit hangout with different activities relating to tarot, law of attraction and manifestation, witchy stuff, making music, sound healing, forest bathing, mantras and yoga, intention setting, astrology, philosophy, anything eco-friendly & awesome, flow arts, drum circles, equality of all beings and humans, and anything that we found has been healing including sacred medicine conversations. The goal of this group is to create an open-minded zone where we can share what we know, and express what we want to learn and receive in a space that holds compassion, honesty, and growth. I would like to include book exchanges and a vegan food share at some point! I am open to any other suggestions you have in mind.

Some weeks we may have classes, other days deep and real conversations. If you are interested in sharing or teaching a class let me know! Your voice matters! 🙏💕
If called, any donations are appreciated! 💖💫 They help grow the group and it's possibilities!

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