• Harbor View Park Permablitz

    Harbor View Memorial Park

    Join us for the second permablitz of the season at Harbor View Park! The park has a vision to continue planting and cultivating the Edible Hillside, planting clusters of raspberry and blueberry bushes, native and novel fruits, an herb garden, an orchard, and a flowering meadow for pollinators at the bottom of the hill on Commercial Street. Permablitzes are day-long work parties that put permaculture design into action. Imagine more than twenty permaculture folks working side-by-side for six hours resulting in more than 180 hours completed in one day, great fun, conversation, and camaraderie as well as experiential learning for all! There will be lots of opportunities to learn and this is a family and kid friendly event. 9:00 Gather for coffee/tea (provided), introductions and a briefing on the plan for the day 9:30 Review of Permaculture Design Principles and the design elements for this property 10:00 Break into teams and work on projects 12:30 Potluck Lunch (vegetarian main dish provided by host; bring something to compliment) 1:00 Resume work 3:30 Clean up and Closing Circle What to bring: notebook/camera, work gloves, boots, clothes that can get a bit dirty (and dress in layers for varying temperatures through the course of the day), potluck dish to share and “kit” (dish/bowl/utensils/napkins), water bottle, sunscreen, etc.

  • Potluck, Discussion, and Hosts Needed: The Walk on the Great Dying

    Join us for a potluck and discussion as we host the Walk on the Great Dying. This is a project initiated by the New England Peace Pagoda with support of friends from the Mashpee Wampanoag and the Justice and Witness Council of the Massachusetts United Church of Christ. 2019's walk is the fourth in a series leading up to 2020, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing. This prayer walk will spend 23 days walking through regions that underwent the Great Dying from[masked] during which Indian villages from Maine to Massachusetts lost[masked]% of their populations to disease transmitted from Europe. This walk will also offer prayers at early massacre sites. We will learn about the period of the Great Dying of[masked] and the many tribes no longer in Maine and New England. We will also reflect on the past and current effects of colonization and the upcoming 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing. We are also looking for homestay hosts! Do you have a spare bed for a walker for the night of June 6? Please contact Heather at [masked] if so! "The 2020 Commemoration which is already in the planning stages on both sides of the Atlantic definitely must not be an occasion of self-congratulations, ...but will have to be a time of deep introspection and and reflection by the society that was transplanted here on on Indian Island!...If this isn't understood, then we will be losing for our future generations the extremely vital teaching moment the Creator is giving us at these extremely troubled times we are living in." - Tall Oak, Elder Historian, Pequot-Wampanoag

  • Maine Permaculture Day 2019 - Statewide Open Houses and Events

    All Around the State o' Maine

    Would you like to visit some local permaculture homesteads, farms, forest gardens or agroforestry installations? There are more than 20 sites across Maine that you can choose from...some will be self-guided, some with tours, some with activities or workshops during the day. This is a decentralized and distributed event, with open houses and events offered by volunteers and permaculture practitioners from across the state. Remember that there is no one “version” of permaculture expression and every site is different, both in approach as well as in aesthetics. There is something to learn at every site, especially if you can speak with the host(s) and find out about their permaculture journey. Want to have your permaculture site or event listed for this year's Maine Permaculture Day? Fill out this form and we will add the information to the 2019 Directory of Permaculture Sites: https://forms.gle/1VwhxrQdng9TDCRf9 The Directory will be published here approximately two weeks prior to the event so you can plan accordingly. IMPORTANT FOR VISITORS: Please know that this is not a “manicured garden tour” type of event! These are often working landscapes and works-in-progress. Your hosts may be only a year or two into implementing a 5 or 10-year (or longer!) plan for their site. The idea here is to stimulate connection and conversation. What are the goals of the site? What elements are supporting that? What has worked well? What was challenging? What was surprising?I n some cases, event hosts and organizers have given parking guidance for you to follow (in the directory listings if applicable). The open house hosts may or may not have their bathrooms available for use so the best approach would be to attend to those needs prior to arriving at someone’s place. This will be a day to celebrate the evolving work of the permaculture community in Maine, including those working with energy and building systems as well as regenerative ag practices like agroforestry, silvopasture, urban food forests, keyline design and more.