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What we’re about

Practice English conversation & make friends around the world! 🌏✨

We have topics and conversation starter questions prepared ahead of time each week. You can choose to chat with either 1 or 2 other people. The recommended time for each chat session is 20 minutes.⏰

We meet on Discord. If you're not on Discord yet, it's super simple.👍

  1. Join our Discord server by clicking HERE.🖱️ Create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Go to "chat-starter-questions" channel first to check out the conversation topics and questions.📚
  3. Depending on your preference, click on either "Duo (1:1)" or "Trio (3 people)" voice channel to chat with your conversation partners.🎧

*You can use Discord on your computer browser, as your computer app, or on your phone. Choose whichever way you'd like! :) (HERE's the download page for different options)🖥️📱


On our Discord server, don't worry if you don't see many people on the voice channels. Simply join a Duo or Trio voice channel and wait until your conversation partner joins you.

And we encourage you to hang around on the "Lounge" voice channel before chat sessions and during breaks. You don't need a host to send you into a chat room. It's completely up to you which room to enter and when. Enjoy! :)


If you'd like to receive email reminders and other useful information, please sign up here:

Video Lessons 🌟
Check out "Weekly Conversation English Expressions" video course!

Each week's video topic matches one of our English Conversation Club meeting themes. Watch the video, learn useful expressions, and come prepared to practice in real-time during our meetings. It’s learning and then applying – the best way to grasp English!

*One-month free on Skillshare - Click HERE to get a free access to the video course now!

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Thank you!



An Online English Conversation & Co-learning Community

Our mission at Make A Circle is to join God's mission of restoring all creation into shalom by creating communities of small circles gathering around the subject of learning English as a Second Language (and other languages), actively encouraging and learning from, with, and through one another with the goal of improving English skills that leads to empowerment, flourishing, abundance, and justice in the lives of individuals and societies.

We at Make A Circle value learning as a relational and communal experience, authentic learning in the context of real everyday life, diversity, and cross-cultural appreciation and learning. In our circles, all learners are invited to consider one another as fellow travelers, encouraging each other on the journey of life while going through the shared path and goal of improving English.

You belong here! <3