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What we’re about

You probably didn't get into coaching (or are considering it) just to make a lot of money. You love coaching because it's your passion.


The truth is if you aren't making money as a coach you don't really have a coaching business. You only have a hobby. As a 6-figure earning coach I have spent the past 10 years learning how to turn my passion for coaching into a lucrative coaching business. I discovered the three important income tools that every coach needs to earn good money in their business.

The Three Tools for Coaches to Make BANK

1) A compelling way to approach potential clients. 

2) Selling skills for closing clients. 

3) A simple system for booking and getting paid.

I was inspired by Elon Musk who recently gave away all the Tesla technology so other electric automakers could improve their product. I have decided to do the same thing.

I’ve done well enough in my practice that I want to share this information with all the great coaches who still aren’t earning what they are worth. This is my giveaway to YOU.

If you’d like to up your business game, attend my next workshop. You’ll leave with a framework for taking your coaching income to the next level and beyond. Hope to see you there!