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What we’re about

Is your business a success? Have you discovered a talent you possess that you should develop? What better plan is there to have a job truly what you like to do and get paid for it!!!  You need a unique product or service, a solid business strategy, the right network and the right target markets.

I have a degree in Marketing and am a Sales Consultant (cell phones, tablets, 4G LTE broadband).  I have many yrs experience in the cellular and healthcare industry. I am also a Business Distributor for 4Life Corp and promote patented, unique transfer factor healthcare nutritional products.  No other company makes this!  Go check out the website at:     You will need my distributor #8800536 to purchase any health products on the website.  I am passionate about the products I sell and am a loyal consumer of them myself! I also am a property investor.  I encourage others to create their dream jobs and also you must realize you will fail at certain things to get to the successful one.

Join our group of Entrepreneurs every month to give support, share challenges and solutions. Every business can be a success!   Topics regarding ways to improve your business will be discussed. Our members may motivate you and may promote your business. This group is to meet and share experiences. It is an opportunity to network, learn and grow. If you soar with the eagles, you become them.

Experienced and future Entrepreneurs are welcome! You're not required to be a sole proprietor or owner of a company to be a member. But, you must show leadership, either be an Organizer of a group, or have the ambition and the plan to become an entrepreneur! We are all at different phases in our journey.

Become a member and be a part of the TEAM!

Disclaimer:  This group and its Organizer, Lisa, are not to be held liable for any promises made by third parties.  The opinions of others are not necessarily the opinions of this group and its Organizer.  Your success depends on YOU and your efforts to take opportunities to network that may benefit you and your business.  If you exchange money with other parties, it is at your risk.  There is no guarantees made by the Organizer that your business will become a success by being in this group.