What we're about

Make:BayArea is an introduction to the Maker community. You can meet local makers, learn some new skills and grow from there.

Our meet up is here for you to:
- Meet other local Makers
- Build your making skills through mini-workshops
- Hear inspirational guest speakers
- Collaborate with engineers, makers, crafters, artists, etc.
- Get opinions or advice on project ideas and execution
- Discover more specific groups and events in the Bay Area

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Free Online Panel: The Inner Workings of Space Suit Design with Adam Savage

In this free 60-minute panel discussion, join moderator Adam Savage and Astronaut Cady Coleman along with author Mary Robinette Kowal as they talk about what goes into making a $20-million spacesuit and the vital importance of how it fits. SPACESUITS! Cosplayers might not realize it, but there's a ton of common ground between wearing an elaborate costume and suiting up to work in the vacuum of space. Despite their high cost and sophisticated engineering, wearing a spacesuit is far more difficult than it looks, even if it fits the wearer perfectly, which, if you're a woman astronaut, it rarely does. As we move into this next stage of space exploration, it's never been more vital to outfit earthlings with proper gear for setting up off-earth outposts. It's a tougher nut to crack than most understand. Perhaps NASA could learn a few things from cosplayers! SPACE IS UNLIMITED :) https://www.svcomiccon.com/

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