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The Assembly is a community collaborative which brings stakeholders of smart communities together, to foster introduction and assimilation of research and leading edge technology in real life. It aims to combine the efforts of industries, educational institutions, governments and community innovators to create and provide real solutions to important challenges faced by residents.

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Code a Note-Taking App with React.JS

Online event

React is a very popular front-end open-source JavaScript framework developed by Facebook for building stylish and advanced user interfaces. Combining with Node.js for server-side functionality, it allows for the development of full-stack applications and boasts a large array of support libraries that can be incorporated for added functionality. Using React cuts dev time exponentially, and as a result, it has been a popular choice for startups seeking to rapidly go to market with a sleek full-featured product. In this workshop, we’ll use React and Node.js to code a note-taking app in the free Visual Studio Code IDE. We’ll walk you through all the steps for coding and deploying a fully functioning web app in no time. Prerequisites: —Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript —Node.js (https://nodejs.org/en) —Visual Studio Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/download)

Build A Fleet Management System with Etisalat IoT (Part II)

Fleet management is a centralized system that utilizes GPS and device data to monitor simultaneously the activity of multiple tracked assets such as vehicles, workers & equipment. This is an important IoT use case that coalesces data from a variety of sources (location as well as the status of on-board resources) and produces a high level analytical view - with the option to drill down to finer detail as and when required. In these sessions, we'll deploy our own simulated fleet system and show you how to use the Etisalat IoT cloud platform to: 1. Obtain location & resource data from multiple sources at regular intervals and communicate it to the cloud 2. Rapidly build a interactive web application with map and analytical displays (current and historical) - with the ability to drill down to specifics 3. Implement resource & route functions including common features such as geofencing 4. Set up data flows and logic for telematics, as well as for remote control These sessions will be conducted online - and attendees will get special hands-on remote access to the platform so that they can follow on interactively.

3D Print Your Own Head!

In5 Design Innovation Centre

3D printing has indelibly left its mark on the imaginations of makers. It has been the source of many practical applications for the DIY, engineering, design and entrepreneurial communities, allowing for rapid prototyping and near instant fabrication of parts for projects. The umbrella term actually covers a range of technologies involving both software and hardware - each of which requires skill and mastery for optimum results. This special workshop will take place at in5 Design, D3 as part of the Dubai Design Week. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how you can create a 3D model of your own head, using only photos - without the need for any expensive scanning equipment. After a few edits to prepare the model, we'll print results to obtain a detailed 3D replica. All materials will be provided on site. NOTE: The full workshop will not be streamed or uploaded online.

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