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What we’re about

Welcome to the Manchester LGBTQ+ Meetup! This is a group geared towards ALL in the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is welcome, including our fabulous allies! 🌈❤️

We try to create a safe, welcoming space for anyone who wants to get acclimated to the area, find friends with whom to enjoy social activities, and make lasting connections. If you don't have many lgbtq+ acquaintances yet, are isolated or lonely, or feel you are unable to be your true authentic self for fear of being judged by straight friends and acquaintances then you are the MVP here! If you feel comfortable to do so, please feel free to make yourself known to one of the organisers so we can make especially sure you will feel comfortable and welcomed here. Or if anyone feels nervous about coming to such a meetup, feel free to send one of the organisers a direct message via meetup, and we can discuss any reservations you may have.

This group has a zero tolerance for gatekeeping. The LGBTQ+ community includes (but is not limited to) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Asexual, Intersex, and Pansexual. We assume everyone who joins has the best intentions and will do their own research and learning. If you promote hateful opinions, this isn't the group for you.

🤝 Accessibility

We want everyone to be able to get something from this group. If you have a disability that you feel may affect your ability to attend or enjoy our meetups, we would really appreciate a direct message with your thoughts on how we can improve. At the moment we have a mix of events that are accessible or inaccessible. All events hosted by Steph-Lani are accessible. Please contact them if you have any access needs or concerns.

Where known, accessibility information is included in the event description. If you have suggestions for places where we can host an accessible Meetup, then please please get in touch with Steph-Lani or Rae!

❤️ Help and support

We created a full list of links and resources to lgbtq+ charities for anyone who is struggling or experiencing any difficulties (it's a bit outdated now though), please check them out and don't be shy to get in touch with any of them!

Welcome to the group, we look forward to seeing you soon! ❤️🌈

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