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What we’re about

We are a friendly bunch that meet socially and online to...

  1. Help people trying to learn Swedish.
  2. Help people that already know Swedish and want to maintain their spoken Swedish by practicing the language.
  3. Provide information for anyone wanting to go and work and live in Sweden from our knowledge of doing just that ourselves.
  4. Meet ups for social activities such as meals, walking, concerts etc.

We hold two online meetings a week; a beginners group for those starting out with Swedish and a more advanced group, for those that already know the language and want to practice their spoken Swedish. Before the covid pandemic we used to meet in central Manchester. We have recently gone back to doing that again.

All our meetings are free, but any donations to help us cover our yearly Meetup subscription fee of US$240 would be very gratefully received. Donations can be made via PayPal to OR contact Andy for further details.

Stay safe.

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