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Who Cares? How to brand a product people want to buy.

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It doesn't matter if your product is better than anything else on the market; if nobody knows, nobody will buy. So how do you get people to pay attention? How do you get them to not only buy, but tell their friends?

This presentation will provide important insights; and of course, the networking with fellow inventors and experienced professionals is very valuable.

Our speaker, Pia Silva, is a partner at Worstofall Design where they help small business identify the most effective way to brand their product or service so it gets noticed, loved, shared and purchased.

This talk will help you get out of your own heads and into the heads of your consumers to figure out what they really want (hint- it's probably not what you think). You'll leave with 3 key questions that you must answer if you want to build a successful business with a recognizable, badass brand people will love.