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Pitching Panel--A Great Opportunity for Feedback and Exposure.

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Price: $50.00 /per person
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The IAM pitching panel is a great opportunity to pitch your invention, product or start-up business first-hand to our renowned pitching panel and inventor club. Registration for the pitching panel is for those who want to pitch their invention in a collaborative and constructive environment.

A few things:

- We charge a nominal $50 fee, which is a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit group. We do so in order to cover costs associated with organizing the event. NOTE: THE $50 FEE IS ONLY FOR THE PITCHERS. IF YOU ARE ONLY OBSERVING, SIGNING UP FOR THE SAME EVENING'S 6:30pm SPEAKER PRESENTATION ($20) IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO.

- We want to make sure you understand that you will be making a "public disclosure". Depending on the nature of what you are presenting you may be jeopardizing confidentiality and future patentability. Therefore, your invention or product idea should be either patent-pending or patented; or you feel how you are going to market your idea will be your "secret sauce". Please contact your patent agent/attorney to make sure this pitching panel is safe for you. Neither the IAM nor Troutman Sanders (our location host) can be held responsible for any disclosures you make.

- If you are ready to pitch, you will get 15-20 minutes in front of the panel of experts and our attendees. We suggest you limit your pitch to 2-3 minutes, so you can enjoy 12-13 minutes of valuable feedback from our experts and audience. In those 2 minutes, practice answering the following questions as succinctly as possible (30 seconds each):

What have you invented?
How does it work? (demo)
Who will it appeal to?
Why do you think it is a good business opportunity?

This promises to be a great opportunity. If you have any questions, please email us at [masked]

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