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Meeup online and with locals who are interested in practicing the science and ideolgy of The Law of Attraction & other Universal Laws to attract abundance/prosperity; getting what one desires. We'll gather for discussion, lectures, inspiration & encouragement from one another! If you have a seminar/lecture in you that you'd like to share, let me know! Also, allow our message board to come alive by sharing your passion and success stories via living the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws!

Love, Live Abundantly!
Carrie Gebbie
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Law Of Attraction Dating & Relationship Success Seminar

1448 19th St


If you're frustrated with feeling like you're never going to have the relationship you want and deserve... If you're struggling with a man who's acting hot and cold, taking you for granted, or cold and distant... I'll share with you what you need to communicate to a man in order to draw him in close, fall in love, and feel like he never wants to let you go... Join us for this event! Get your tickets here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/law-of-attraction-dating-relationship-success-seminar-tickets-63006969542 I'll teach you how to communicate with a man so that he's INSTANTLY attracted to you... I'll show you what's blocking you from attracting and keeping the man you want in your life... And I'll share with you what you can say to a man to have him share what he's thinking and what he deeply wants without turning him off or shutting him down... Don't miss this opportunity, it could change your love life forever...

Mixed Up to Fixed Up: LOA Life Coaching Workshop

Private residence, Santa Monica, CA 90403 email foxleyyoga@gmail.com Santa Monica, CA


Clear & Clean; Plan & Plant; Witness & Watch; Reap & Repeat. We will also write Mission Statements and a Blueprint for your life, so you can become the architect of your world. With focusing on what you want with clarity and elevated emotion you will light the fire of your own inner passions, hence creating a new reality of your choosing. Become accountable to the group and create a life of your dreams, on purpose, with others that will support you in making it happen! We are thrilled to take you on this fantastic ride The tools are: -Law of Attraction -Self-Hypnosis -Neuroplasticity -Epigentics -Affirmations -Blueprinting -The Endgame -Meditation -Your Mission -Getting from Confusion to Clarity -Living Above The Line -Staying in Love & Above In this workshop, you will learn a plethora of tools that will not only transform you, but the ripple effect will spread to everyone and everything in your life. Plug into your GPS system where you want to go, when you join us. Looking forward to seeing you soon! The cost of this course is $25.00 per class. You will receive a complimentary workbook of Law of Attraction tools to use right away! For more information about the host visit www.susanfoxley.com (http://www.susanfoxley.com/) Once a Month; Special Guest Relationship Presenter: James Allen Hanrahan is a relationship expert, dating coach, and author of "A Life of Love" and "Dating Advice for Alpha Women." He is also the creator of "Chemistry to Commitment," a workshop series and coaching program for women who have their business and professional lives on the front burners, and relationships on the back burner. Women who are committed to having a relationship and don't want to waste time with the wrong guy. Learn more at http://www.jamesallenhanrahan.com (http://www.jamesallenhanrahan.com/)

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