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What we’re about

We are men that share experiences and wisdom to support self-awareness, accountability, integrity, positive change and transformation. We form a community of peers who take risks to improve our lives and help others. All kinds of men are involved.
Join a local community of men (+65,000 world-wide) who look deeply within and take responsibility for our lives. The Mankind Project (MKP) is a world-wide, non-profit organization (registered charity in Canada) without any religious or political affiliation. We have a 30+ year track record of helping men live meaningful and fuller lives. Integration Groups occur biweekly and are open to any man aged 18 and over.
A weekend training is offered in Alberta 2-3 times a year. This workshop takes men on a journey to: connect head and heart; examine their lives; and create deeper, more powerful, and more joyful ways of living. The training is relevant to our times, and empowers men to live with integrity and accountability.
This training is not for everyone. Men who are not ready to look deeply within and take responsibility for their lives may not want to attend.
Explore our web site. Come, visit an Integration Group near you and talk with men in the Project. Find out who we are. Then ask yourself: “Does this feel right for me?” MKP is also on MeetUp sites in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.
When you look at our Meetups, you may see very few attendees. The regular attenders do not RSVP on Meetup. Only the brand new men will show up on the Meetup.

This can be a life changing step that helps you be the man, partner or father that you always knew that you could be.

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