What we're about

Map Meetup Belgrade is a series of events, including workshops and talks about mapping techniques used in organizations.

The purpose of the meetup is to share and practice mapping techniques for meaningful, useful strategies, but most importantly, help the community grow.

If you're not familiar with mapping techniques, we recommend looking at a lecture by Simon Wardley on Google Next '17 -


Map Meetup Belgrade is intended to be small one, without any specific timeline at the start, with people really interested in the topic of business mapping.

All of the meetup contents, presentations, eventually recorded talks are going to be published here.

Past events (19)

Wardley Maps Meetup #17: Maps in 2022 and Summary

Needs a location

Wardley Maps Meetup #16: Wardley Maps in UN and UK Gov

Needs a location

Wardley Maps Meetup #15: Online & Product Mapping Month

Needs a location

Wardley Maps Meetup #14: Product Decomposition & Customer Journey

Needs a location

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