An Intro to App Virality

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Virality is hard for any product, but it becomes particularly hard on mobile. This talk will cover the differences between developing and growing a product on mobile vs. the web, it will break down what it takes to make a software product viral and the particulars on how to do that on mobile.

About the speaker:

Mada Seghete is the co-founder and head of marketing for Branch Metrics, a free tool that helps mobile apps grow and be discovered organically. Before Branch, Mada and her co-founders built and sold a photobook printing award-winning app. Mada has a BS in computer engineering from Cornell and a MBA from Stanford.

About Branch:

Branch is a mobile deep linking platform for app developers that enables link-based user experiences, ranging from smart app banners to native content sharing to referral and invite features. Developers can create Branch links which intelligently redirect to the app if installed or fallback to the app stores and pass parameters through install if not. Branch links automatically support all existing deep linking technologies like Facebook App Links, Twitter app cards, Pinterest app pins, Google App Indexing, and Apple Universal Linking, Apple Spotlight Search, etc. Branch is currently serving hundreds of millions of deep link routes per day to thousands of apps, including companies like HotelTonight, Instacart, Redfin, Ebay and Microsoft. The best teams in mobile use Branch.