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Jeet Kune Do Practice Group
Needs a date and time
For new or experienced martial artists who are interested in getting together to socialize, have fun, and practice Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do. No date, time or format established yet, as I'm just trying to gauge the interest level. First meeting may be a time to discuss exactly what Jeet Kune Do is and to develop a practice framework.

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    What we're about

    Greetings, martial artists!

    This group provides valuable information for the martial arts and includes a variety of self-empowering resources. The instructions offered come from all schools and styles. An interesting and diverse range of instructional events, classes, practices and seminars will be represented for your enjoyment and personal growth. Our focus is to provide timely and useful ways for students to grow as martial artists and as people of exceptional character. Instructors, practitioners, or any aspiring students are welcome to join! (Adults 18+)

    This group will primarily focus on hosting specific events from different marital backgrounds & schools, but we will also include a variety lessons for general topics of interest:

    general martial styles (karate, taekwondo, jeet kune do, etc.),
    internal chinese arts (taiji, bagua, xingyi, etc.),
    upcoming martial art seminars and workshops,
    push hands and other martial games for combat skills,
    martial training methods,
    mental focus and discipline,
    health, balance and awareness

    This group will continue to evolve as a collective. If you have suggestions for change, please submit them to the organizer to be discussed!

    If you are a teacher, please let this be known!

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