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2017 Winter Handicap Tournament

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Pre-registration for the first Go tournament of 2017 is now open! As always, pre-registering is hugely encouraged and helps us get into the action faster the day of the games. If that isn't incentive enough, normal registration costs $20, but simply messaging James your name, rank, and AGA serial number (if you know it) earns you a $5 discount. Snazzy.

Enterprising individuals are also encouraged to inquire whether there is a slot open for an assistant TD. Assistants can still play (most of the rounds) of the tournament, will have their entry fee waived, and be a great help to the local go community! As it mostly involves administrative work, its also a great way to get involved if you aren't confident of your playing skill.

For this tournament, we're also experimenting with a new time setting, so read the following hard details carefully under the 'Format' section, and don't be shy about asking a question if you have one! In any case, I hope everyone has a great holiday season these next couple of weeks, and I wish everyone good luck and good game when next we meet in January!


Where: Boylston Chess Club at 40 Norris St in Cambridge, MA. There is no parking lot available but, as always, street parking is free on Sundays, and there are generally open spots within a block or two if you're driving.

When: January 8th! Registration opens at 9:45 AM, with the first round of play projected to begin at 10:30. Even if you've pre-registered, it is still required to check in at the TD station before the first round so that your attendance can be confirmed.

Format: We're going to be experimenting with new rules this tournament! The tournament is still a four round, rated AGA event scored by Japanese rules, so AGA membership is required. This time around, however, we'll be trying out using “Fisher Time” controls. Your main time will start at 30 minutes, and every time you play a move, 10 seconds will be added to your clock. If you run out of time there'll be no byo-yomi periods, like before, you'll just lose on time. So be careful, and keep an eye on your clock! First prize will be $50, Second will be $30, and third, $20.

If you've got a question about this new time arrangement, don't be shy about shooting me a message about it.
Massachusetts Go Association
Boylston Chess Club
40 Norris Street · Cambridge, MA
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