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What we’re about

Have you ever felt that the way you see life has changed since moving to Sweden? Do you feel sometimes that no matter what effort you put into learning the language, it's still hard for you to be understood or to be included in society? Do you feel like you lack enthusiasm to do what you always used to do? Have you lost your inspiration? Does the weather change your perceptions and energy? If you have a job, do you feel welcome there?

If you are a Swede and also feel lost in the middle of this society sometimes , getting confused and disoriented feeling that people treat you in a different way, you are also more than welcome to share your views and thoughts with us.

We are positive, happy, and motivated people who want to relate with other people who also feel challenged to make meaningful friendships and connections here in Stockholm. We believe that we can re-spark our energy, inspiration and love for living by sharing our experiences and ways of creating energy and joy.

Sometimes we just feel lonely. Many of us are away from our family, friends, culture and the sound of our mother tongue. Sometimes we just miss it all. So, if you feel that way and would like to share your story and come away from our meet-up with some tips, strategies, meditations, podcasts, articles, books, frameworks, etc. to keep our personal energy up in this city which can feel dark, quiet and disconnected at times, you are very welcome to join us!

Over time, we hope to build some meaningful relationships, and continue to learn about ourselves and ways we can become resilient to loneliness, low energy, and a lack of inspiration. Together we can create more sparks and passion in Stockholm. So come with a story to share, or just with an attitude open to listen. You're very welcome!