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What we’re about

Transmission Meditation ( is a group alignment meditation designed to step down spiritual energies for world service and healing. Transmission Meditation in particular develops the anthakarana, ajna (third eye), throat and heart centers. Transmission Meditation is a way for people with little time to meditate to maximize spiritual growth. Benjamin Creme, who introduced Transmission Meditation, says: "In a year of this transmission work you can make the inner growth resulting from many years of other forms of meditation." Transmission Meditation is part of the prepatory work for the introduction of the World Teacher for this age, Maitreya, to the public ( Alignment made in Transmission Meditation with a senior member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, aka Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. The purpose is to step down the energies sent by this Master to a level that can be absorbed in the body of humanity. The group meditates every 7 pm Tuesday (6:45 intro), 8 pm Friday and 9:30 am Sunday east of Balboa Park in Golden Hill. Always no cost. Email - call John: 619-531-0773 for further details & location.