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We practice Jyoti Meditation, meditation on the inner Light as taught by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Anyone interested in meditation is welcome to join our group. We will not be holding any meetups until the Corona virus is under control. We wish everyone wellness, and the experience of the pure joy of being during this home bound time. You can also find out more about Science of Spirituality at www.sos.org.

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Learn to Meditate - Still the mind

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Dear Friends, Join us at Science of Spirituality as we continue our online webinar meditation classes, “Learn to Meditate.” This series of classes has been presented around the world and is now being offered online. Learn meditation techniques that can enhance and improve your life from an experienced facilitator. In each class you will have time for silent meditation. Our upcoming “Learn to Meditate” class will focus on tips for stilling the mind, such as using a calming word. What is a calming word, and how can it help you? We live in a world of stress and anxiety, but you don’t have to carry that with you 24/7. Having a calming word to focus on not only helps you in meditation but also helps you deal with the challenges of daily living. Date and Time: July 20th, 8 pm to 9 pm There is no charge for these classes. Each class stands on its own, so if you miss one you can still benefit from the others. How to participate. Please register here. https://www.sos.org/webinars/learn-to-meditate-series What can meditation do for you? It takes you to a place where you can retreat from the problems of the world and find peace and solace. It helps you deal with the stress and anxiety of life. Whether you are an experience meditator or just beginning, these classes will strengthen your technique. Join us and take your practice to a new level. This six-part meditation series will be followed by “Personal Transformation through Meditation,” where you learn how meditation can enhance your spiritual life. We look forward to your participation. www.sos.org

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