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What we’re about

Intuitive painting, meditation, music, tea and poetry ✨for women of all ages✨and no art experience necessary...

**Fortnightly Zoom sessions and monthly in-person meetups! **

A workshop for painting intuitively in a safe, non-judgemental space. This is a also a great place to meet a community of like-hearted friends.
Discover the joys of this style of painting - expressing through a layering process, with colour, shape, line, movement and texture… trusting and being open to surprises.
Painting in this way teaches you to let go and helps develop self-trust, confidence, sensitivity and an openness to discovering what you love, your own style and creative expression.
The creative process can be one of self-care and compassion. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approaches and the goal is not to paint a ‘perfect picture’ but to create in the present, in an engaged process of discovery. You begin to trust your inner wisdom, which comes from a stillness beyond thought, busyness and changing circumstances. Painting in this way becomes such a beautiful spiritual practice.
Listening in, nurturing your inner artist and gaining confidence within your art and also in daily life. A new sense of boldness, playfulness and experimentation starts to take place as fears and apprehensions surrounding painting and ‘the blank canvas’ subside. It’s liberating! As in art… in life!
We paint around a theme each week and there is a period of quiet painting, then sharing, exploring, chatting, music, oracle cards and EFT sometimes, oracle cards and whatever interests the group would like to share.
**Especially great for HSPs, Empaths, Introverts and all interested in wellbeing and spirituality **
Please see further details about me via my website. Also my sister site the intuitive painting group! Location details for the venue next to St Thomas Church, Heamoor can also be found on the site.
Please feel free to message me here for details too.
The workshop is £10 for two hours 2-4pm on Saturdays.

For the local sessions: I will be closing the RSVPs at 9pm (UK time) the night before. If there are 3 of us or more, the session will run. (I have hall costs to pay etc )

For the zoom sessions: I’ll be closing the RSVPs at 12 noon (UK time) on the day of the session. If there are 3 or more of us the session will run.

A new payment option
The 2-hour painting sessions are £10 and you can buy these individually. Or you can buy 3 consecutive sessions for £21 (£7 each). If you’d like to do this please do send me a message and I’ll add you to the attendees list for the 3 sessions.  

This is a great idea if you want to be sure to dedicate yourself to some regular, creative time. We’re more likely to show up when we’ve booked ourselves in x

The 3 sessions can also be a mix of zoom and local.





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