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Osho Meditation Retreat with Swami Anand Arun
We are delighted again to welcome you to a 3-day residential meditation retreat with Swami Anand Arun in Washington DC area. Swami Arun is one of the first Osho sannyasins and received much guidance directly from Osho. A meditation retreat with him is a wonderful opportunity for everyone interested in Osho and his meditations. Swami Arun will be traveling all the way from Kathmandu(Nepal) to inspire and guide seekers in the path of meditations. Swami ji is one of Osho's intimate disciples and has initiated almost 100,000 into Osho's Neo Sannyas (Disciple-hood). We are fortunate that he has accepted our invitation to conduct this 3-day transforming retreat. We encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity! There will be an opportunity to take Sannyas (Initiation) and become Osho's Disciple. During our previous retreat with Swami Arun last year, we had a large number of seekers participating. All of them still feel the joy and bliss and want to re-live the experience. There was a need for a residential space and hence this time we are hosting this event in a comfortable hotel in Fairfax, VA When do we start & end? We start the event on Friday morning at 7:30 am with Yoga, Pranayam, and Dynamic Meditation. For out of town friends, please plan to arrive by Thursday evening, so that we can start early and fresh. We end the retreat on Sunday at around 2pm. Book soon Due to overwhelming demand, a limited number of spots is available. It is on the first-come-first-serve basis. Please RSVP in advance to reserve your space for the event. It is recommended to participate in all four days of the retreat for a deeper experience but you can also participate in one or two days as your schedule permits. How to Register? Or register when you arrive. You will be asked to fill out the waiver-of-liability form, picture/video release form and acknowledgment of “Retreat Standards” for liability purpose. What & How to contribute? Participation Contribution: - 200$ for Full Participation & Meals - 100$ for 1-day Participation & Meals Due to overwhelming demand, this event will be booked. In order to confirm your space, we are requesting you to make the necessary donation and secure your spot for this much-awaited event. Please send the payment as "Family and friends" in Paypal so that we don't end up paying fees. Pay via Paypal to [masked] If you wish to send a check, please call us at[masked] We accept credit cards (3% surcharge) and cash at the door. And.... This meditation retreat is open to all seekers of all level of meditation experience. Hence no prior meditation experience is required to attend this retreat. Retreat Location: Residence Inn Fair Lakes Fairfax 12815 Fair Lakes Pkwy · Fairfax, VA Accommodation: Affordable and comfortable rooms are available at Residence Inn Fair Lakes Fairfax. For friends who are traveling from out of state and local friends who want to have a relaxed weekend and save time on the commute, should book a room as soon as possible. Room rates start from 99$ per day and can accommodate up to 3 people in a single room and more in a double room, perfect for family and friends. Please book accommodation directly with the hotel. These discounted prices won't be available for long. Follow this link to book discounted tickets. Hotel details are available at Hotel's contact number is:[masked] Additionally. meditation reservations will fill up fast so contact the host early to reserve your seats for the meditation.

Residence Inn Fair Lakes Fairfax

12815 Fair Lakes Pkwy · Fairfax

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    Group of Osho Lovers, a gathering of friends.

    Group explores Active and Passive Meditations devised or recommended by Mystic Osho. Some of the meditations include: Dynamic, Nadabrahma, Kundalini, Vipassana, Nataraj, No-Mind, No-Dimension, Kirtan, Sufi Whirling, Tantra, Chakra Healing, Chakra Sound, listening to Osho, Osho Video, Spiritual movies, breathing techniques etc

    Events are held in greater Washington DC area

    Group organizes regular weekend, weekday and 1 to 3-day Meditation Retreats / Workshops.

    It has been an observance of several friends that meditation in a group has been very effective for them. This group is an opportunity for all to experience group meditation in a safe and friendly environment. The group is not promoting or selling or providing any service.

    Group is an informal and not for profit gathering of friends to meditate in a group. The group is not part or affiliated to any organization in USA or abroad. The gatherings are held at the homes of organizers or at temporarily rented space. Each participant makes a small contribution to cover the associated costs. If you are unable to afford the 'at-cost' suggested contribution for a specific event then please let the organizer know. No one will be refused participation due to their inability to financially contribute towards the event. In each gathering all participants - new or experienced are welcome. Detailed instructions are provided.

    Osho does not teach any religion and does not belong to any particular religion. What he really teaches is religiousness - the real fragrance of all the flowers of existence, the Buddhas, the mystics and sages that this world has known.

    Osho has given thousands of discourses on all the well-known and not so known mystics of the world—from Ashtavakra to Zarathusthra.

    Osho is a modern day mystic whose wisdom, clarity and humor have touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

    When someone asked Osho the definition of religion, Osho replied: To be in romance with life is religion.

    Osho teaches meditation for our inner transformation. Love and compassion are the natural expression of this transformation. We can meditate with Buddha, dance with Krishna and celebrate our love with Sufis.


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