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Join meditation classes in Hebburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the Dhammakaya Meditation Centre of Newcastle or join our retreats, to find Inner Peace and Happiness as people of all ages, races and faith have one thing in common - the search for happiness. But most of them cannot find the true happiness. By meditating one can find inner happiness and peace of mind. Fortunately, all human beings are blessed with ability to produce self-sustaining happiness - the kind of happiness that only they themselves can produce and is completely independent of personal circumstances and external factors. This kind of happiness lies within them and can be achieved through meditation and mindfulness. Come and join us to find happiness from within. Experience yourself a simple but yet efficient meditation technique that will put your search to an end!

Weekly Beginners Meditation Class, every Wednesday 
Give yourself a break to still your mind and find happiness within.    

Come and join us to learn and practice meditation together.

For further information, please contact Monk Kom 07462328325 or

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