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What we’re about

Every Friday FREE meditation meet up (run by your donations) with Bhante Dhammapala held at Moreno Valley Buddhist Vihara conducted in English. Main focus on tri step meditation - Breathing, Joyful Breathing, and Unconditional Love.

Format includes:

7:00pm - Welcome

7:30pm - Guided sitting meditation

8:00pm - Walking meditation

8:20pm - Sitting meditation continued

8:45pm - Questions & Answers

8:55pm - Chanting of Loving Kindness sutra in English

Bhante Dhammapala is fully ordained in 1998, august 18th, in Nepal under a Burmese Monk, came to Sri Lanka at the age of 13 and started primary education from Nalanda Pirivena, Mount Lavinia and secondary education from Parama Dhamma Chetiya Maha Pirivena at Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. He obtained BA General degree with following subjects: Buddhist Civilization, Pali and Sanskrit in 2007 from the Buddhist & Pali University, Sri Lanka and passed BA (Hons) Special Degree on Psychology from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in 2010. He completed all levels of examination held by Oriental Studies society of Sri Lanka (Pracheena Bhasa Sangama) Royal Pandith Degree (Rajakeey Panditha), 2010 and served as a Visiting Lecturer of Psyhcology in the University of Peradeniya 2011 - 2012, and served at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Independence square, as a visiting Lecturer of Psychological Counseling (Resource Person) 2011-2012. He has achieved the highest degree that can be achieved in Sri Lanka and is proficient in English, Pali, Buddhist Sanskrit, Nepalese and Sinhala.

* Sambuddaloka Buddhist Vihara is run by a non-profit tax-exempted organization. All your donations are tax-deductible *

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