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Welcome food & entertainment lovers far and wide!

Our events focus on gourmet dinner cooked by multiple chefs for a great variety. Along with an amazing dinner, we also provide many different kinds of entertainment like movies, wine, painting, culinary classes, dancing, and dance classes. Each month, we choose a new form of entertainment to keep things fresh and exciting.

We host our events for professionals and individuals in the Silicon Valley to socialize and meet others in the community. We provide a safe and fun environment for people to come together and enjoy great food and entertainment of all kinds.

Our events are held in private, large, beautiful entertainment rooms inside the best newly built luxury apartments in Mountain View, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale. Our spacious venues have a large gorgeous kitchen, sitting spaces with comfortable sofas, fun game tables, and many large TV's for all sorts of entertainment.

*Due to the pandemic, we have modified our events to provide safe and adequate social distancing. We provide masks and gloves, as well as disinfect the entire venue prior to our guests' arrival. Your safety and health is #1, and we do our best to keep everyone safe while still having a great time.

Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying great food and fun with everybody.

Upcoming events (4+)

International Dinner, “Eternals” & “Edge of War” Movies!

This event is to welcome the 2022 New Year’s, year of the Tiger and will be held at our Saratoga venue on January 29th from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strength, exorcising evils, and braveness.

We will have a variety of international cuisine from various cultures for you to enjoy!

“Eternals” is a new Marvel movie successfully delivering an emotional and intriguing story complemented by its compelling characters and stellar visuals.

This Marvel movie is hands down the best cinematography for an MCU film.

“Edge of War” is a spy thriller that’s rated 100% by film reviewer Rotten Tomatoes.

It is an “edge" of your seat thriller, perfect for cinephiles who find these moments of our past scintillating.

We will be showing these films on three screens in 2 large rooms (70” and 75” TV’s) and an outdoor patio (120” screen).

We will also have a fun group game with prizes!

Tentative international menu: Taiwan braised pork with rice, Philippines chicken adobo, Cantonese roast duck with Mantou and Vietnamese curry w/ baguette.

For h’orderves: Chinese fried dumplings, Filipino lumpia, Chinese egg rolls, Dim Sum, shrimp balls.

For desserts: 85 Degree (https://www.85cbakerycafe.com/menu-categories/cakes/) assorted goodies!

This event will be held at: 19848 Veronica Drive, Saratoga.

New Year’s Chinese and Japanese lanterns (60) in the outdoor patio and artwork (15) inside the house will be displayed!

Our female staff will be wearing ancient Chinese “hanfu” (Han Dynasty 202 B.C.) and the 1920’s “qipao” for a mini fashion show.

We will also have an artwork and lanterns auction.

Cost is $38, including dinner, movies, cheese/crackers. Wine, dessert and h’orderves extra.

RSVP James & Lindsey @[masked]

Travel to Australia for fun or work - w/ Darya in Sydney

Online event

This is an online seminar about Australia, a land of opportunities!

This event will be done through a Zoom Video meeting and a link will be sent to those who RSVP’d to attend.

We are organizing a trip to visit Sydney, Australia and nearby cities, beaches, farms, business centers, Sydney Harbour and other attractions.

This trip is for people who are interested in visiting Australia, want to get a temporary job there, or want to get a permanent residency in Australia.

Darya Miroshnikova is a consultant who immigrated to Australia and has lived there since 2012. She has an MBA from the University of Sydney.

When you arrive in Sydney, Australia, she will be your guide and advisor, giving you a talk on what your opportunities might be or what to see in Australia.

Australia is a huge continent with areas having a tropical climate (Darwin), a temperate climate (Sydney) and colder climate (Tasmania).

Beaches are abundant throughout its coastline. Rich in natural resources and minerals, the Australian population enjoy free health care and education for their children up to university level.

Immigration for qualified applicants are encouraged in this sparsely populated continent, which has a population of only 22 million people.

As Australia begins to open up after the pandemic lockdown, the government is now actively encouraging skilled people to immigrate to Australia. See https://www.migration.sa.gov.au

It’s a multi-ethnic culture with English as the main language.

This trip (about 7 days) will be both guided and self exploring.

When you arrive in Sydney, Darya will arrange for participants to meet at a designated hotel for a breakfast meeting where she will give you a presentation on Australia’s places to see, work opportunities and immigration laws.

Cost is $150 for Darya’s services, plus fees for guided tours. You will purchase your own flight tickets and accommodations, with Darya’s assistance.

RSVP: James Gan @ [masked]

2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony - Dinner & Show!


We are hosting a dinner and showing the 2022 Winter Olympics opening ceremony from Beijing!

The ceremony will take place on 4 February 2022 at Beijing National Stadium, China and will combine the formal and ceremonial opening of this international sporting event, including welcoming speeches, hoisting of the flags and the parade of athletes, with an artistic spectacle to showcase the host nation's winter culture and modern history.

The Games are expected to be opened officially by Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China.

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics aims to express concerns about humanity's shared future and convey the common feelings and faith of humankind.

Top U.S.athletes competing include: Jessie Diggins- Cross Country Skiing, Dusty Henricksen- Slopestyle Snowboarding, Chloe Kim- Halfpipe Snowboarding, Alysa Liu- Figure Skating, Joey Mantia- Speed Skating, Mikaela Shiffrin- Alpine Skiing, etc.

Photos of the Olympic venues in Beijing:

Cost to attend is $33 for dinner plus show.

RSVP James & Lindsey @[masked] or on Meetup

Painting w/ Brushes & Palette Knives over Glicee Workshop



This is a 2-hour workshop where attendees will create beautiful artwork with paintbrush and palette knives on a glicee (reproduction).

We will be showing the techniques of highlighting, texturizing and painting over a glicee (reproduction) that will allow attendees to bring home a beautiful piece of artwork that they can immediately hang up at home or give to a friend.

We will provide mounted canvas wall art prints (about $25) that you will use to embellish. Palette knives, paint brushes, easels, mixing tray will be provided at an additional low rental cost ($10). Paint and gel will cost $5.

Attendees are also welcome to bring their own supplies.

You will be able to bring home a beautiful piece of canvas wall art (possibly worth $250!) to put in your room, give to a friend or sell through our art shows.

The class is Free. Extra for tea/coffee/wine, h’orderves or snacks.

RSVP James and Lindsey @[masked]

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