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The JavaScript Event Loop

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Discover the JavaScript Event Loop, how it is built upon a Stack, Heap, and Queue, and how to break up heavy workloads to keep your application rendering at a smooth 60 FPS. We'll examine code execution using the Chrome Developer Tools Timeline to help visualize these concepts.

By the end of the night you'll know:

• Pros and Cons of queuing work

• When to use Webworkers

• How JavaScript Asynchrony actually works


A beginner or intermediary knowledge of JavaScript

Instructor Bio:

Thomas is passionate about technology and building products. A web design business created while attending college slowly evolved into a brick and mortar on Main St. of his small Midwestern hometown. His desire for fame and fortune led to the co-founding of a Y Combinator startup and a life in California.

Schedule: Come by at 6pm if you want to network and schmooze - the talk will start at 6:30pm