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What we’re about

Welcome to the Erin Nes Therapy Community!

This community was started by Erin Nes as a space for powerful women in the DC area and beyond. 

The Embodied Woman Manifesto:

The Embodied Woman is a woman who is fully expressed in her power.

She is wild and difficult.
She knows freedom and abundance.

She knows that perfection is a fucking waste of time.

She is on a mission to reclaim her wholeness.
She knows her Self and her power deeply.
She uses her body as her compass
And embraces who she is.

She supports and celebrates her sisters.
She is strong and soft,
Compassionate and grounded.
She takes care of her Self.

She is committed to her growth.
She gives her Self permission.
She leans into her edge.
She stumbles and she falls.
She picks herself up, dusts herself off, and tries again.
She watches herself transform with the support of her sisters who celebrate her.

She knows what truth and freedom feel like.
She knows darkness and light.

She studies the mystery of her heart and her spirit
She is true to her Self, even when it’s not easy.

She does the fucking work.
She continues to embody herself more and more.
She feels more alive each day.

And she is Worthy AF.

Who is Erin Nes?

Erin Nes is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Soul Coach and Qoya teacher. Erin offers a holistic, embodied, and playful approach to healing that includes psychotherapy for individuals and couples in her Bethesda office as well retreats and soul coaching for wild-hearted women from around the world. To learn more about Erin go to

What is Qoya?

Qoya is system of sacred, feminine movement that is both spontaneous and structured.

Depending on when you look in on a Qoya class in progress, it might look like a women’s circle, a dance class, or a wild party. A two-hour class includes elements of yoga, meditation, and free movement.

Each session offers you the chance to reconnect with your own wild, free spirit. Come to Qoya and find yourself within a beautiful, welcoming community. Come to Qoya to experience how your body can be your most powerful portal to healing.

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