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2019 Kickoff Party!

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Michael O.
2019 Kickoff Party!


What we'll do:
This is the Official Denver Growth Hackers 2019 Kickoff Party! Get 2019 started with the best foot possible (I'm right footed so that's my best foot..). This group is full of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, total nut cases (myself included) and others seeking personal or business growth. This event is for networking so feel free to discuss growth hacking, marketing, business, sports, or even that new cape weaving class your evil twin just signed up for. This will be a great place to network as we all work towards improving our businesses together.

Your goal should be:
Meet other great individuals through genuine conversation. Make friends and talk business. We love business talk and we love friends. Here you can do both.

When: Wednesday, January 16th, from 5:30pm - 8:00pm.

Timing: This is a casual event so show up whenever works for you - no big deal if you can't make it right at 5:30pm. Come whenever is best for you.

What: I felt the need to name this event 2019 Kickoff Party since this will be a HUGE event to kick off the new year the right way. And when I say the right way I mean FREE BOOZE & FREE FOOD!! How and why are we giving away free food/drinks? Read on..

The Last Business Social Event of 2018 since it is likely to be the last event of the year to get all of most incredible business and entrepreneurs together. Let’s face it, people start travelling in December and most of the events are risking attendance. Heck, if you want to call this a Holiday party and drink eggnog go ahead and be my guest.. Actually.. I’m not sure if the bar will have eggnog, but they will be extending their Happy Hour just for us! I know the last event had free food and booze all night, but that’s just too good to be true for every event.. If you come to this event, I’ll make sure you get free food and booze at January’s event 😉

Where: Venture X 2000 S. Colorado Blvd Tower 1 Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80222. Venture X is hosting our event at their co-working space. They have an absolutely incredible team of people. Maybe you even got the chance to meet one of the staff members at a previous event. The co-working space is incredible and I can't wait to drink and eat in it :) If you have any difficulty finding the group text Michael (720-295-3661).

How to Find Us: We'll do this clever thing that has never been done before... Name tags! Just look for the name tags and come socialize!

Why We're Giving Away FREE FOOD & BOOZE:
The goal of Denver Growth Hackers is to get incredible people together to learn more about each other and chat business. Incredible people who attend our events decide they want to sponsor our BOOZE & FOOD to keep the spirits high! Plus they get a HUGE shoutout since they're such incredible people. Please check out our sponsors below and come enjoy the FREE FOOD & BOOZE!

Special Thanks to our other Sponsors
Brad Meyer - TriNet - He'll be sponsoring our BOOZE. Brad is seriously a friggin incredible guy. I've had intense conversations with him about life, family, and mindset. He's definitely opened my mind. TriNet does payroll and health benefits for small and medium sized businesses. I'm glad he asked to sponsor an event because I think he's got a good head on his shoulders and I respect his values. I'd recommend chatting with him when you get the chance.

Jesse Moya - Ian's Pizza - He'll be sponsoring our FOOD. Jesse is an awesome down to Earth kind of guy. He's the marketing Director for Ian's Pizza.. which is no joke.. my favorite Pizza Place EVER. It's probably because I use to live downtown and would always pass by Ian's Pizza on the way home. They have incredibly unique pizzas that really make them stand out. My favorites are the Taco, BBQ Potato, and Buffalo Chicken Pizzas.. Man my mouth is watering thinking about them.. If you haven't had it before, make sure to come and try some.. for FREE!

2000 S. Colorado Blvd, Tower 1 Suite 2000 · Denver, co