EXODUS TO MECCA - Mecca Ropes/Ladders that is... ...and then some! (Exploratory)

Needs a location


LOCATION: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Painted+Canyon+Hike/@33.620922,-115.9996906,15.19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80da65f8a9a


This is not an ordinary loop hike, you must have slot canyon traversing experience, ropes ascending & descending, be able to climb almost vertical walls, climb giant boulders, and able to keep up with the group. If you don't meet those requirements this hike is not for you.

" N O P L U S O N E O N T H I S H I K E - N O E X C E P T I O N S"

The adventure starts at 7;00 AM

Some of us will be camping by the trailhead from Friday until Sunday; Y'all welcome to join!

Ladder Canyon and Big Painted Canyon are highlights of the Mecca Hills. The path snakes through a steep-walled canyon, up to several ladders, and through a narrow slot canyon. The ladders are usually maintained by volunteers, but assess the conditions for yourself before trusting your footing. Once you leave Ladder Canyon, you will hike along the ridge, and find yourself surrounded by great views of Mecca Hills and the Salton Sea. After the ridge, you will descend into the aptly named Big Painted Canyon for your hike back.
Mecca Ladders in one of the most amazing hikes in Southern California. Although this hike is only 10+ miles loop, the slotted canyons and the ladders that take you through the canyons are well worth the trip. At the high point of the hike, you will see the desert valley and the mountains in the distance. About halfway through the hike, we will take a break and enjoy the lower part of the canyon.

Directions to Mecca Hills:
From Palm Springs, Palm Desert or any of the other Coachella Valley cities, follow Highway 111 east to Mecca. Turn east onto 66th Avenue and follow it for 3 1/2 miles through many grape and citrus ranches until it turns into Box Canyon Road; you will cross the Coachella Canal and about 1/4 of a mile later you will see a sign for Painted Canyon Road on the left. Make a left turn and follow this dirt road for about 4 miles where it will dead-end at the parking area.

An awesome attitude to start it, a minimum of 3 liters of water and snacks for the trail and for our rest stop. Also, wear/bring clothing that is suitable for the conditions, hiking boots/trail shoes, sunscreen, gloves, and a hat. Remember, this hike is in the desert, so consider that additional fluids/sun protection may be required. Ladies, if you have an old umbrella you can bring it; be aware it gets windy and it may break, that's why I'm suggesting an old one unless you wanna be the next Mary Poppins :-D

Difficulty: DIFFICULT - Due to rough terrain, VERY narrow canyons, some crawling and ladders ascending & descending. If you suffer from Claustrophobia, Bergphobia or Acrophobia this hike is not for you.
MILES: 10 +/- full loop - ...if we don't get lost! Lol! Just joking!
There will be no plus guests. If you want to bring someone, have them signup so they can read the hike description and the waiver of liability.
I hope everyone read everything, remember; is your mommy and your nanny's day off, so there will be no one to cry to.

We are not professional leaders, We are outdoor lovers who invite others to get connected with our natural beauty. By joining us you agree that hiking and other outdoor activities that you participate in with this group can be dangerous and that potential risks do exist. You and respective family and friends agree to not hold the club, its organizers, hosts, or its members liable for any injury you may suffer on our outings. And you also agree to assume all risk and responsibility for your own actions. Your personal safety depends solely on your own judgment, ability, and experience.
With that being said, let's get out there and enjoy everything our natural beauty has to offer!