Oasis Developer Event: GenoBank @ Starfish Mission

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Come see one of Oasis Lab's developers -- Genobank -- present their project at Starfish!

Info below:
Ever wanted to get your DNA tested -- knowing you’d gain valuable personal genomic data and valuable medical insights -- but were reluctant due to such factors as cost, or the fact that companies like 23andMe share your personal data with 3rd parties? Now there’s a better, private alternative. Starfish Mission is pleased to host the first public presentation of GenoBank.io, a new anonymous blockchain-based DNA testing service that permits you to conduct a DNA test just like the well-known DNA test kit brands, and to learn the same important high-quality personal DNA information, without fear of your personal medical data being leaked, hacked or shared ever, to any other 3rd party without your express permission, thanks to highly secure blockchain encryption.
GenoBank is the first Decentralized BioBank secured by the Blockchain. “The ethical way to participate in the Genomic Revolution”.

- Daniel Uribe, CEO GenoBank.io on benefits of DNA testing yourself, your children, creating a personal “bio-wallet” to store your important health information
- Global Medical Research and DNA Testing: Future Disease Eradication Potential
- The GenoBank DNA Testing and Bio-Wallet Process: Why it’s Anonymous and Secure
- Discounts on GenoBank.io Testing Kits
- Upcoming fundraising round - your chance to invest in this patented, groundbreaking technology