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Rev. HoniB & MichaelA have been given the name "The Ascension Alchemists" by their Higher Team unified in their Sacred Divine Union as Twin Diamond Ray Frequency to deliver the Golden Age of Aquarius via Personal and Planetary Ascension for Gaia in service to Humanity thru Sophia Christ Conscious Presence and it's Crystalline Diamond Pink Golden Rose.Β πŸ’βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸŒπŸŒˆπŸ”₯πŸ‘½πŸ˜‡πŸ‹

This group is dedicated toΒ Higher Consciousness that are committed, deciplined & fully devoted to their Ascension. All StarSeeds, Light Workers, Beacons of Light, System Busters, WayShowers that KNOW THEY ARE PART OF DIVINE PLAN are welcomed to JOIN AS ONE to assist in Raising the Vibration of One-Self & Others to DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY in DIVINE ALIGNMENT to I AM PRESENCE and Serving via PUREST LOVE serving Gaia.

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ASCENSION HOUR with Rev.HoniB presents guest: Stellar

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Welcoming All to "ASCENSION HOUR with Rev. HoniB" and the amazing profound Guest Speakers that have been selectively invited to share their profound Wisdom, Higher Awareness and Direct Experience of their Ascension Journey to support Humanity in its Remembrance of Divinity. They each have remarkable GIFTS to share and their PRESENCE will uplift your Heart's Flame to continue to BE YOU by being INSPIRED.

Join me LIVE on my YouTubeChannel: www.youtube.com/honib on Wednesday September 28th at 12pm EST, 9am PST, with AMAZING GALACTIC STAR SISTER: Stellar, Co-Founder of Stellar Ascension Academy.

Highest Eternal Love and Gratitude for the Gift of Krystalline Unity Consciousness Serving Humanity as ONE

Rev HoniB

Stellar is a Sacred Songstress of many lineages, A direct sound channel for the New Divine Feminine philosophy and Magdalene Consciousness, a Mystery School Teacher for the 21st Century, evolutionary guide and facilitator of deeply sacred and High Initiatory experiences in Ireland, France and Egypt. Her music is scientifically proven to restore vitality and vibrancy and a sense of peace & calm. She is currently responsible for overseeing the return of the white flame to the planet and is the co-founder of the Stellar Ascension Academy.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/stellar432


"Transforming Triggers into Alchemized Treasures" with Rev. HoniB

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Kindly email [masked] to receive FULL INFO, including Zoom Link, How To Prepare & Love Blessed Gift Offering for 8 Weeks.

TRIGGERS ARE TREASURES and they can only be discovered as REAL GIFTS, when we have met them properly where there is no more signaling of past pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, anger, frustration, shame, hate, helplessness and .....etc

These denser vibrations are here to be transmuted into LIGHTNESS where the vibration rises within and the REAL TREASURES that have already been stored in our DNA become accessible.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius and it is the NEW EARTH which is already 5th Dimensional known as Sophia Gaia with her Krystalline Core, & she is radiating and blasting us all with her powerful DIVINE LOVE so we can anchor into Unity Christ Consciousness within the Grids. Now these triggers are of energies of the past and they are on their way out so the NEW PATHWAYS can open up and they can no longer be buried as they are being surfaced due to all the incoming frequencies of Light Rays from the Great Central Sun as our bodies are being updated and upgraded to access more of Who We Are As Bringers of Light. The triggers often have too much pull over our daily lives as we are navigating our Ascension Walk and cause all kinds of issues within ourselves, our families, our work, and...etc as individuals act upon them vs meeting them to receive the message they have brought forth.

In this 8 weeks zoom class, as a GROUP, we will move through the common and not so common triggers that show up in our daily life and learn tools how to navigate properly without being pulled into the trigger. Instead, meeting each one with Grace, Love and Support and allow the GIFT to be received so the energy can go back to motion and vibration raises so the signal of the trigger no longer pulses and it will not be drawn into one's field of presence.

After 530 Days of sitting every single day in this PRESENCE SPACE with my MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE by starting the day early morning with Meditation and face what shows up as trigger in my field, I meet it with Grace and allow it to be transformed into REAL TREASURE.

Thus, I AM here to assist those of you that are Truly Ready to TAKE CHARGE in your lives and want to move out Blame & Victim Consciousness and begin the start of A THRIVING LIFE because YOU CAN and YOU ARE MEANT TO THRIVE without having to suffer nor continue to believe it's all happening to you. YOU MOVE TO RECOGNIZING IT IS ALL HAPPENING FOR YOU.

I truly feel this should be a 12 week Class for TRUE TRANSFORMATION, and I AM offering it for 8 weeks as of now and I have a feeling by the time we get near 6 weeks, most of the individuals that have signed up, would truly want to go longer and we'll make adjustment for that for those that wish to go DEEPER and LONGER.

This even takes place on Zoom Live every Thursday for One Hour starting 9/22 at 6pm EST, 3pm PACIFIC and it will also be RECORDED for those of you that are in Europe and Asia and OZ so that you too can take part.

Please email [masked] to receive the full details for this True Transformational Online Event including how to prepare for each class, what are the limitations, the fee as "Love Blessed Gift Offering" as well as how to officially be registered for this Online 8 Weeks Journey in most sacred and supportive way.

I AM honored to be of Service for you in this direct experienced way that has BLESSED ME as I have discovered THE REAL TREASURES of the sacred Gift of TRIGGERS that have come into my experience.
Rev. HoniB

ASCENSION HOUR with Rev.HoniB presents guest: Tanya Colucci

Needs a location

Welcoming All to "ASCENSION HOUR with Rev. HoniB & Guests" and the amazing profound Guest Speakers that have been selectively invited to share their profound Wisdom, Higher Awareness and Direct Experience of their Ascension Journey to support Humanity in its Remembrance of Divinity. They each have remarkable GIFTS to share and their PRESENCE will uplift your Heart's Flame to continue to BE YOU by being INSPIRED.

Join me LIVE on my YouTubeChannel: www.youtube.com/honib on Wednesday October 5th at 12pm EST, 9am PST, with AMAZING GALACTIC STAR SISTER: Tanya Colucci of SACRED SOUL GUIDANCE.

Highest Eternal Love and Gratitude for the Gift of Krystalline Unity Consciousness Serving Humanity as ONE
Rev HoniB

Tanya Colucci, Expert Shaman, Author, and Speaker, is the owner of Sacred Soul Guidance and Tanya Colucci Myofascial Release Therapy. Her powerful Sacred Soul Coaching and Healing methods use an extraordinary combination of shamanic, bodywork, vibrational sound, and ceremonial healing modalities to be your solution for living with joy, purpose, and passion.
Tanya L. Colucci, M.S., LMT, NASM-CPT, CES, PES
John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist
Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy (CFT)-Children & Adults
Shaman & Spiritual Minister
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Schedule a session online!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tanya.colucci/
Insta: tcoluccimyofascialhealer & sacredsoulguidance


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Set up PRIVATE One-on-One APPOINTMENT with MichaelA at [masked]
Divine Light Transformational Healing (see video link)

"Divine Light Transformations" are 3 Ascension Healing Tiers that I offer to bring individuals into their Divine Alignment. Each and every being is at a different level in their ascension journey. Some just need to be brought back into vibrational balance as they are going thru the transformation while others are ready to run off with their Divine Empowerment and dive deep into personal growth. Thus kindly read each Ascension Healing to see what healing resonates with you, choosing the one that meets your healing needs.

"ArchAngel Michael Transformational Healing" (in-person)
In this sacred 90-minute Transformational Healing session directly guided and channeled by ArchAngel Michael, the use of Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing, Conscious Breathing, Vocal Sounds, Shamanic Healing, Crystals, and Far-Infrared Technology is used with assistance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Higher Councils and Orders to tap into their own Divine Power. This Transcended Healing Session takes the individual on a journey to release old beliefs, conditions, programming, and traumatic events thru breath and sound, liberating lifetimes of pain and suffering that have been stored in the hands and feet. It empowers, and awakens the individual to his/her highest state of being, activating one's innate spiritual gifts. Through releasing the dormant and unexpressed energies trapped in the physical, mental, and emotional the 5th-dimensional frequency freely flows thru the person's body and anchors into the Christ Conscious grid of the New Earth. This healing is for individuals doing their inner work and are READY to take responsibility for ACTIVELY letting go of the emotional and mental blockages that are limiting one's sacred well-being.

"Multi-Dimensional Attunement" via Acupuncture and Shamanic Massage (In Person)
Awakening the Qi and illuminating the light from within the spirit, this powerful 90-minute multidimensional healing, revitalizes, recharges, and rebalances one's light body and field of consciousness to support their highest state of health and well being in the Ascension Process. Through the use of Acupuncture physically and ethically, combined with Specialized Light Body Massage, Chakra Alignment, Crystals, and Shamanic Clearing, ones ESSENCE is strengthened, nourished, and rejuvenated back into complete balance allowing the universal QI to flow properly within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. This profound RESTORATIVE HEALING supports all levels as they connect to their higher self and their universal balance from within. This sacred healing helps expand your consciousness while grounding and anchoring the light within you. This unique healing is dedicated to anyone at any stage in their Ascension journey to help energize, tonify, and harmonize one's sacred well-being.

"Sacred Divine Heart Listening" (in-person or via zoom)
In this 90 minute in-person or Skype video healing session, I welcome you to find the strength in the voice of your heart, allowing you to openly express and liberate all the heaviness and pain that sits on your chest. I will listen to you as no one has ever listened to you before so that you can feel the freedom to FULLY SHARE everything that has been creating pain within you, giving the power back to you. I will then take you on a guided journey to your own inner sacred inner flame to transform what no longer serves you. I am a safe space holder that is here to create a sacred place giving the voice to your heart, not to your head. For there is a sacred calling now to awaken our hearts and feel the divine power of our unique divine expression that so many of us have lived from. Sacred Divine Heart Listening is truly an art of unconditionally listening to one's presence by being the holder of the Sacred Divine Masculine in creating TRUST, SAFTEY, and SECURITY.
I have been guided by my HIGHER TEAM to bring forth the energy of TRUE ABUNDANCE to the current financial system through LOVE, BLESSINGS & PRAYERS as a way of living from 5D Consciousness. Instead of having a set fee or telling you what to pay for this sacred healing, the POWER is being given back to you to access from within your sacred heart as to you OFFER (not what you can AFFORD, not what you THINK and not seeing me as CHARITY case) but what you truly feel GUIDED FROM WITHIN so you can empower the VOICE FROM YOUR HEART in exchange for the Powerful Transformational Life-Changing Experience. Once you have received the guided amount, place it over your heart, and pour your GRATITUDE, BLESSINGS, and LOVE into it so you RECEIVE this in your own life.

I look forward to being of highest healing service for you.
Michael Abramson

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ASCENSION HOUR with Rev.HoniB presents guest: Yoga Premananda

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