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What we’re about

A 6 Week Mindfulness course to help you develop a solid grounding in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Teachings from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology are also incorporated to help you cope more skillfully with everyday life stresses and challenging thoughts when they arise. Developed & facilitated by Jean O Hanlon BSc., HDPsych.
Wellness Psychologist, Sleep Therapist & Health Coach. Suitable for all - beginners and those wishing to refresh their practice all welcome!

Course Outline:
Week 1. Introduction to Mindfulness
Week 2. Mindfulness in Everyday Living
Week 3. Autopilot & Negative Thinking
Week 4: Self-Compassion
Week 5: The Power of Gratitude
Week 6: Acceptance

This course includes both educational and experiential elements, ensuring you will have plenty of meditation practice whilst also gaining a thorough understanding of the psychology of stress, anxiety & depression and the effects on body & mind.
Classes are kept small as we understand you may not like speaking in front of a large group. We aim to create a warm, quiet, safe & confidential space where you can fully relax and enjoy maximum benefit from this practice. Price: 150 euro. Includes Guided Mindfulness Meditations CD & Course Guidebook.