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What we’re about


- It's kind of like a "Mini-TED talk" group that learns from local people and chats about the issues surrounding our world.

Everywhere you go, you know something that others don't.

You have a unique perspective to offer, regardless of your education level, training, experiences, or background.

CORAL is all about pooling the strengths of local people to learn as much as we can from one-another.

- If you have something you know that you're willing to share, we want to hear about it.
- If you're interested in learning something--anything--from the people in your community, you're welcome and invited.
- If you want to meet new people and you're not sure where to start, this is a group for you.

EVERY race, religion, ethnic group, nationality, sexual-orientation, height, weight, size, blood-type, affiliation-with-the-undead, species, and any other category you can imagine is welcome.


- Everyone has something to offer.
- People are not ideas, and ideas are not people. Remember that we're talking ABOUT ideas WITH people.
- Everyone who can coexist peacefully and participate respectfully is welcome regardless of their ideas or beliefs (no matter how controversial).