Founders of Netlify, GatsbyJS & We Need to Talk About Content


How we reason about content is changing. Modern APIs and frameworks make it possible to stop treating content as unstructured piles of HTML and transition to clean trees of data that you can hand over to components.

How should makers of content management systems reason about this? How about those building front-end technologies and deployment solutions?

We just opened our SF office and for the occasion have the entire team in town from Oslo. So leave your framework fatigue at the door and join us for a night of good discussions with the team behind, and friends from Gatsby, and Netlify.

6:00pm: Doors Open

6:30pm: Introduction by Even Westvang, Co-Founder & CPO of

6:45pm: Panel Discussion moderated by Frances Berriman with CEO of Netlify Matt Biilmann, CEO of Gatsby.js Kyle Mathews, and CTO of Simen Skosgrud

7:15pm: Q&A Discussion

7:35pm: Stay to chat and meet the team