What we're about

We are Aerospike.  Our group is focused on having discussions around scaling real-time, high transaction and low latency NoSQL database systems. We will have guest speakers talk about their real-world experiences and learned techniques around building and managing mission critical businesses that realize 100% up-time. Collaborate with peers trying to solve the same complex problems that arise when you bet your business on your infrastructure.

Scale Warriors are engineers and entrepreneurs pushing the limits of speed at scale. They are pioneers, open to possibilities, doing what has not been done before. They are innovators and inventors, modern day heroes breaking barriers, taking risks, facing fears, making mistakes, moving forward moment by moment, creating a new future for themselves, their teams, their companies, for people and the planet.
This group brings Scale Warriors together to hear about challenges building real-time big data driven applications, discuss NoSQL and distributed databases, emerging technologies, what works, what doesn't and best practices for operating internet-scale systems.
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