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These ongoing groups, held weekly on Monday and Friday evenings and fortnightly on a Sunday morning, are designed to introduce newcomers to mindfulness/meditation/self-awareness and to also deepen the practice for experienced meditators. The meditation/self-awareness approach, and associated framework, has a strong therapeutic aspect to it which can help with depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD and more. I am also an experienced transpersonal/spiritual psychotherapist (fully qualified in counselling psychology) and author, who specialises in these areas. I have been on my own self-awareness journey for nearly 40 years.

This is a gentle and deep heart-space where self-awareness and self-acceptance are cultivated. The philosophy taught in the group is a purely practical and applied philosophy. In other words, a philosophy that can be applied to heal, enhance and empower your everyday life by awakening your heart and conscious awareness. Insight from contemporary Buddhism and universal Wisdom is used as part of the teaching, and we focus on how that informs our everyday life. All paths are honoured. The '5-Step Process' is used to tie all the philosophies together for greater understanding and application, to help you understand the fundamental principles that if applied in you life, create healing, awareness, peace, connection and empowerment.

All cushions, blankets and chairs provided. Wear comfortable clothes.

The recommended fee/donation for the group is $20. If you are financially restricted, please come anyway and give what you can. Your presence at the group is more important.

Group Facilitator: My name is Phil Golding. I have been on my own personal development journey for almost 40 years. Early on in my journey I overcame chronic depression and PSTD. Through my healing and awakening experiences, I developed an interest in psychology and self-awareness. I am now fully qualified in counselling psychology. I have been a profession therapist for over 20years. I have also been teaching mindfulness/meditation/self-awareness for over 30 years. I have also written a number of self-help books on self-awareness. I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and self-realisation to my groups.

Peace and Harmony,


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