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What we’re about

This is group for anyone interested in starting a business and in need of community. We are devoted to addressing the common issues faced by early-stage entrepreneurs and those who lack resources and network. This group was created to help unite individuals of different talents to help foster an environment rich of resources available to those in need of a powerful network.

We meet to ensure your journey isn't experienced alone and that you are introduced to the following:

• A community of like-minded individuals who can be of assistance

• An introduction to useful hacks, tools, and tips

• Accountability and productivity!

What makes this group different from others is the devotion to fostering an environment of connectivity and growth each meeting versus just the exchange of business cards. Every meeting will be about ensuring you are heard and helped.

Each meeting we will discuss an underlying issue faced by start-ups, Tips and hacks, and create a community of activities and events that we engage in together as we want this to be more than business, but a family oriented environment.

Group Objective: To build a thriving community of like-minded individuals who can benefit from each other whether directly or indirectly through each other's network, skills, and capabilities.

Can't wait to thrive and grow together!