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What we’re about

Come and enjoy fantastic food. Lunch is the most important meal of the day. Join us, let's do lunch together, meet new and old friends. We try many different types of food, always trying new places all over the city and beyond.

Group WILL NOT TOLERATE No-Shows, You will be removed from group.
PLEASE don't be happens to all of us time to time.please try for EARLY!

Everyone pays for what they eat. I individualize the bill, most times it is set price prefix, and all pay the same price. drinks are paid individually
There is a $5. meetup charge.this is for meetup expenses and the great time spent making our group great and successful.
I have an incredible 98% show rate ...most meetup groups it's 50% if that much

I love to cook and bake. I have been known as the Speedy Gourmet, from my speed and efficiency of preparing great food.
I love to try new recipes and have developed some of my own recipes for a future cookbook. I experimented with cooking videos and found much enjoyment in the details of hours long editing...🙂
Please chat me up if you have interest in food,cooking, preparing, sharing our love for food... Paul