Coffee afternoons and 'guess which cake or savoury snack' networking!

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Every 1st Sunday of the month until June 6, 2020

New boston tea party

293 Gloucester road · Bristol

How to find us

We will be at the back of the café and have our own dedicated space.

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We don’t realise as we’re doing it but every day we quietly judge each person we meet.
We look for clues that tell us what type of person they are and if they’re confident in themselves, and whether you can trust them, whilst they are doing the exact same with us.

So why not break some of the initial assumptions and put our judgement to the test when the intention is meeting, greeting and exchanging more than just a casual glance, to form perhaps long-lasting friendships or even new relationships?

A simple task like choosing a complete stranger and guessing what type of cake or savoury snack he or she might enjoy, will kick start the conversation about why you made that choice and challenge your assumptions in a friendly and jovial environment, when the least optimal selection will generate laughter and more chatter, instead of annoyance.

We will have a dedicated space at the back of the coffee place and will start by writing our names on a piece of paper to put in a box, not on our clothes ;-D

Each person will then be invited to pull names out of the box and without exchanging hints with the selected person, set out to buy a sweet or savoury snack before beginning to mingle in earnest.

This will be fun, it will help everyone break the ice and we can all end up swapping cakes in the end.

Come and mingle, be fun and open minded and be sure to bring back friendships, emotions and ideas, because after all, it’s not what you say but how you say it and what better start than a sweet treat offer!