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What we’re about

Need a walking/hiking buddy to hit trails in Burlington and Camden (and sometimes Gloucester) counties? This is the group for you. A group for adults interested in walking early mornings during the week and/or weekends. Slow paced to moderate walking/light hiking trips. We have adults of all ages and at times stop to take in the sights around us.

Some Basic Rules:

  • You must have a recent picture to be a member for security reasons.
  • Please be vaccinated for COVID.
  • This is a fragrance-free group! Please refrain from wearing scented lotions, body spray, perfume/cologne, etc. There are certain members that are affected by fragrances.
  • There will be a $5.00 (cash only) yearly membership fee for everyone. Please pay this at your first walk.
  • Once admitted to the group, please sign up for a walk as soon as possible. To remain in the group, members must go to at least 1 walk monthly. We would really appreciate active members only!