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What we’re about

This group is for the unpretentious foodie who wants to eat and drink their way through Houston’s diverse local cuisine, all while socializing with other local foodies!


1. It's our shared group -- share your ideas and recommendations.
2. Let's aim for inclusivity and multiculturalism.
3. Hate speech, disrespect, arguing, and rudeness is unacceptable.  
4. You can cancel your reservation, life happens! However, repeated last minute cancellations and no-shows become problematic, especially when the hosting restaurant goes out of their way to reserve a private or specific space for the Group. Unfilled seats is lost wages for owners and wait staff. It is also not kind to people who would like to join the dinner, but cannot  due to no seats being available.
5. You aren't required to have a COVID vaccination; however, if you are feeling sick, please stay home. Let's share food, not sickness.
6. Members are responsible for paying their own bill.  The group may host events that require a ticket to be paid upfront for an all-inclusive event, such as a wine tasting, beer tasting, food sampling, cooking class, etc. Events will clearly state the fee structure upfront.
7. You are not required to tip, but it is customary to tip 18% to 20% if the service was great. If you feel the service at an event is subpar, you are expected to bring up the issue with the server during the meal or the event host, so the issue can be resolved during the event to avoid having to reduce the tip amount. But if you still feel less than 18% to 20% is deserved, even after addressing the issue, then it is your money to do as you wish.