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[x-post] AI and Ethics via The Business of Data Science meetup
Data Science for Social Good is happy to co-host our first meetup with The Business of Data Science. Ethics in AI is an issue with large social impact and we look forward to having an engaging discussion between the audience and the panel listed below. Please RSVP through the Business of Data Science meetup at: Join Holly Peck (Research Scientist at & Founder at Women Who Code), Shalaleh Rismani (Chief Innovation Officer and Systems Analyst at Generation R Consulting) and Luke Starbuck (Vice President Marketing at Linc Global) for a fireside chat to discuss the world of AI and the potential ethical risks it poses for society. Holly Peck is an anthropologist turned engineer who currently works as a research scientist at Sanctuary AI - a humanoid robotics lab in Vancouver - where she builds robot brains. She has a BA from Princeton University and is the founder and director of Women Who Code Vancouver. Shalaleh Rismani is an engineer and system analyst with a speciality in need finding for AI and robotics development with a focus on social and ethical issue. Luke Starbuck helps brands and retailers have engaging relationships with their customers via Facebook Messenger, SMS and voice-assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home What to bring: A $5 donation for Covenant House Vancouver.

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    What we're about

    We want to bring together the businesses/general public interested in AI/data science and data scientists together in one room, at HiVE! We are all for social good - we want more informed citizens on AI/data science beyond the hype and sci-fi, and we want a world where more AI/data science is used for social good.

    ---- WHO SHOULD COME? ----

    • Businesses/general public who are seeking AI/data science advice for social good, or interested in learning how data science can help social good.
    • Data scientists interested in providing advice or educating the general public.
    • Anyone interested in the topic!

    ---- WHAT WE WILL DO? ----
    We will alternate the Meetup between two types of talks:
    (1) Presentations by the businesses/general public who are seeking AI/data science advice for social good.
    - PRESENTATION - first 15 minutes
    a. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
    b. How does the problem relate to Social Good?
    c. What data do you have access to?
    - DISCUSSION - rest of the hour, with data scientists in the room providing some advice.

    (2) Presentations on topics beneficial to inform the general public, such as biases in AI and the danger in corporations collecting our personal data
    - PRESENTATION - first 30 minutes
    - DISCUSSION - rest of the hour

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