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Persisters NYC is a social networking feminist collective that was launched in January 2017 as a responsive remedy to the wave of changes in the American socio-political landscape. Born out of a need for a space to serve the multidimensional identities of New York women, we hope that by gathering together we can foster open discussion and propose the solutions that will help address the issues of sexism, racism and violence that impact our lives. We aim for a better understanding of these unique obstacles by dedicating ourselves to an intersectional and progressive approach. We value and encourage the shared learning that can come from listening to the distinctive voices of others and centering the voices of women from marginalized communities.

At Persisters NYC, we address a variety of issues including reproductive rights, healthcare, economic security, violence, and racial justice. We leverage culture, politics, current events, activism and a cooperative model to energize the women of NYC. Persisters NYC exists to create an explicit cost for the unbalanced sexual status quo and to achieve unobstructed equity for all women through culture and policy change.

Come meet with like-minded women who want to grapple with and help reverse the regressive policies that are currently overtaking our social, professional and economic spheres. Together we can make strides for equality by serving the needs of our community from within; whether it's through our friendships, careers and families we are certain that our engagement can make the difference. At PerSisters NYC we invite you to join us to share ideas, create possibility, empower women and have a seat at the table.

We look forward to meeting you!

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2018 Election Returns Party - Bell House Brooklyn

The Bell House

PerSisters Call your Sister Phone Bank Party

Christina Lewandowski home

PerSisters Call your Sister Phone Bank Party

Christina Lewandowski home

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