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Trick or Treat on The Goblin Planet (2015 TG387)
Trick or Treat on THE GOBLIN PLANET! It's real and it's spectacular: Astronomers have found a goblin in the far reaches of the outer solar system. No, it’s not a mythical space-faring creature. The Goblin is the nickname given to a new dwarf planet in the outer solar system. It’s an exciting discovery on its own, and the orbit of the Goblin also supports the possible existence of the long-sought-after – and much larger – Planet X. (We're planning an excursion to the XXX-rated Planet X for Valentine's Day... stay tuned for details!) Okay, it's only a dinky rock way out past the Kuiper Belt. But it's the perfect place for an intimate celebration of All Hollows Eve. Don your spookiest alien apparel and come on out for some cozy camaraderie! At 2.5 times farther out than Pluto, around 80 Astronomical Units on close approach, it is almost as cold as inter-stellar space. Don't forget your mittens! And PLEASE check all the anti-freeze levels in your thermal regulation systems. We don't want anyone returning in a cryo-pac! At only 200 miles diameter, The Goblin is easy to miss if you're not paying close attention to your Galactic Positioning System. If you do miss it, you're on your way out to the Oort Cloud and will have to navigate a big slingshot swing around Planet X to re-establish a working trajectory. So keep a keen eye on your nav systems and be sure your orbital mechanics algorithms are up to date! There are not yet any sentient life forms colonizing this outlier. Our Halloween foray is essentially a scouting mission. I'll be sure to bring enough Plutonian Pumpkin Spice cider for everyone. If The Goblin seems suitable, it might be a great place to set up a supply station, a refueling depot, or a Chinese restaurant. Let's go check it out!

The Goblin Planet (2015 TG387)

Kuiper Belt District Refueling Port · Iceland

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