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We're a down-to-Moon group of space travelers, looking to kick back in our pressurized spacesuits and enjoy the planet's wonderful empty landscape from the comfort of our docking ships and moonrovers. It pays to have a creative and fun sense of humor and a thirst for adventure, even if it is only in your head! Let's hear your tales from the Moon... *********************** Please support our SPONSORS: *Larry's Celestial Moon Doughnut Factory *The Alien Docking Center *Lunar Lanes *Dave's Moon Junkyard *Igor's Moonfries And Spaceburgers *Tranquility Base Lunar Zoo *WFMU Moon Radio ***********************

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Exoplanets & Alien Life – Lecture 1/29

Online event

NUDE ON THE MOON, screening Film Forum, 6/7

Film Forum

Mountain Climbing on Ceres... Let's get high!

Ahuna Mons

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