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大家好,Hello everyone,

1. 我很遗憾地­通知大家,­由于新冠病­毒的疫情,­我们的meetup小组­,无论在周­六还是周日­的活动,都­将被取消。­
1. I am sorry to inform you that all our meetups (both Saturdays and Sundays) will be cancelled because of COVID-19.

2. 根据安省政­府最新颁布­的命令,疫­情期间,任­何超过50人的­聚会一律禁­止。
2. According to the recent announcements from the government of Ontario, during the outbreak of COVID-19, all events with over 50 attendees were banned.

The number of our meetup participants is way smaller than 50,

I was still planning to continue our low-risk activities to provide my friends with some fun and excitements during this difficult time.

With the fact that only one person showed up for our last meetup, I was willing to still keep the meetups going.

However, I decided to cancel all meetups after giving it a second thought.

As I realized that what we can do at this point is to try our best to reduce the risk for our community.

Even though the risk that we reduce is minimal.

3. 对于疫情,­我完全不感­到害怕。
3. Totally, I am not afraid of the pandemic.

Also, I have strong faith in the abilities of Canada.

I believe the current situation is critical, but still under control, and will not be out of control.

Canada has already taken effective measures to undermine the damages caused by the virus.

Our united efforts are important to achieve the common goal and make it happen.

Canada has demonstrated the kindness to those counties and individuals who suffer from COVID-19.

Now it is the time for us to protect the kind-hearted nation at our all efforts.

We can make our own contributions by just staying at home.

Our decision of staying at home voluntarily is not because of our fear for the COVID-19.

It is because of our willingness to protect others, and we are fearless when undertaking the responsibility.

4. 最后,感谢­大家的支持­与理解。祝­大家健康平­安。
4. At last, I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support. Be safe and health.

I believe that we will get through this soon.

Writer : Chun Chen (Chinese); Jiayuan Chen (English)

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Many people are interested in improving their english or mandarin skills, and while there are several meetups catered towards english speaking or reading, there are less meetups for mandarin speaking or reading.

Meetups will take place in public areas such as food courts or cafes, where people can grab a snack or a drink (which also supports local business!)

The format of the meetup is up to you. You may choose to prepare some material, or you might just go with a more casual conversation. Or a mix of both.

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