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What we’re about

Bill and Deanne (Dee) have been running very successful Light Painting workshops, in and around Melbourne for over 3 years. Their experience however, goes back 5 years, learning their craft and honing their skills when Light Painting was in its' infancy. There were very little ready available tools and those that were available were very expensive. So like many other Light Painters they created their own tools to create Light Art images. It was a steep learning curve making them but, fortunately with Bill being an electrician made wiring these creations together easier. Bill and Dee pride themselves in their professionalism when teaching the most popular Light Art images as well as bringing new and exciting ideas to every event. Well known for their abilities to execute patterns and original images, they are also ‘famous’ among the growing band of Light Painting enthusiasts for their ability to inspire, teach and have fun. They spend countless hours developing tools, and in workshops, showing how they are made, and allow participants to ‘play’ and test them out at the end of the ‘show’. When you are part of their workshops you will not only have a lot of fun, but you will learn something new and take away new skills. If you enjoy photography and especially low light photography, if you love to tinker with different ideas and be creative, then light painting is for you. If you want to learn how many of the awesome tricks like orbs, spirals, images, vortexes and so much more are done they will show you.  If you want to learn all this with Melbourne’s longest running Light Painting team that puts you and your safety first….You are in the right place!!