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What we’re about

Through healing clinics, meditation groups and classes, you can experience the Power of Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation in Melbourne and around Victoria. Join us for an upcoming event in Melbourne!

Pranic Healing is an easy to learn, effective energy healing system that works to rebalance the aura and chakras to promote physical and emotional healing and good health.

Join this group to discover the powerful esoteric teachings of Pranic Healing on how to harness Nature’s life force (prana in Sanskrit, chi in Chinese, ruach in Hebrew, ki in Japanese) to:

• Boost Vitality and Speed Up recovery from common health problems

• Create more loving and fulfilling relationships

• Create prosperity consciousness to magnetise money and abundance

• Experience inner peace and a stronger divine connection

• Increase productivity through Razor Sharp Concentration, 

• Mental Clarity, 

• Emotional Control and Healthy Self Esteem

• Quickly release pent up anger & resentment, and allow yourself to embrace forgiveness 

• Plus Much More!

Twin Hearts Meditation activates the Heart and Crown chakras to assist and blessing the Earth with Love, Peace and Happiness. Benefits of this mediation include inner peace and stillness, improved mood and physical vitality. 

By meditating as a group and blessing the Earth, tremendous spiritual energy flows through you, flushing out stress, negative thoughts and emotions. It fills the meditator with peace and happiness. The experiences people have during this mediation are profound and life-changing.

What we will be doing

We run a weekly Twin Hearts Meditation group in Melbourne. This group meets every Thursday to practise the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Following the meditation, a Pranic Healing clinic offers mini healing treatments by donation.

Two day Pranic Healing courses are also offered regularly and are a fun, experiential way to learn energy healing. The courses share everything you need to know to do treatments for yourself and other people.

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